Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kelsey's Field Trip to Chattanooga

I took Kelsey to school at 4:30am this morning so that she could go on a field trip to Chattanooga to Ruby Falls and then to the Tennessee Aquarium. She also saw a IMAX movie. I picked her up at 5:00pm. She said that she had a great trip. I had made the same trip when I was in school. The photo is of the buses lined up at the school this morning ready to go.

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Steve said...

Daniel, the mood of the picture is depressing - sort of counter to the excitement of the kids going on a cool field trip. I doubt the color version would be exciting either. Don't get me wrong, I like the photo, it is just counter to what I was expecting (unless you were saddened to see one of your little ones growing up).
I, too, remember the trip to Chatanooga (well before the Aquarium and IMAX). One of the older kids tried to get a good picture of a waterfall in the cave and layed on the floor - when he got up his back was muddy. It is funny the things one will remember - I don't remember much else on that trip.