Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thanks for all Judy

If you have found this site as a result of a Google search regarding realtors in the Florence, AL and Shoals area of North Alabama- I don't think that you will find a more caring and patient realtor than Judy Young. She helped us to find the perfect house in Florence- and was patient with us as we looked around at different areas and different home styles. Her co-workers at CRC Realty were welcoming to our family as well- and didn't seem at all dismayed when we walked into their office with eight kids in tow- quite the opposite- everyone was quite warm and friendly.

Yesterday Judy came by (even though we closed on our house a month ago) to the house. She wanted to make sure that we were doing well and she also wanted to give us a house warming gift. She knew just what we needed- lots and lots of snacks! :) (as seen in the photo)

Seriously, if you need a realtor, we highly recommend Judy. The link to her website is:

If you are in need of a mortgage- Lynn Francis of Home Lenders of the Shoals was the best and most knowledgeable mortgage specialist with whom we've had the pleasure to meet.

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The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Ah, God! Daniel! This is a LOVELY, exquisite place and we will miss you tremendously!!! Good luck with everything and please stay in touch, okay?! Hugs all 'round the family - Debi