Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kids Ordering their Lunch

Scene from our lunch today at Cracker Barrel. After we ordered, and were waiting on our food, a HUGE storm blew through. It really looked like a hurricane outside. Shepherd almost started to cry- but I patted him on the back and told him that everything was "OK" (although secretly, I wasn't so sure) . No one in the restaurant knew what to do except look out the window. But I am sure that everyone was thinking the same thing- "tornado". Fortunately, the wind quickly died down and everything returned to normal. When we left we saw a couple of snapped trees across the road, as well as a large shed blown over and away from the Lowes store that was near the Cracker Barrel.

I mainly take videos like that (this was with the cell phone) so that I will be able to remember how they talked later on when the years pass by. Especially Shepherd, he has his own unique way of speaking at the moment.

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